Flats 1,2,8,9 & 11 at Trevarthian House have a Friday changeover. 

Our other properties, Flats 3,4,5,6,7,10 & 12 at Trevarthian House, have a Saturday changeover.

If you require a part-week reservation, please email us for a quote. Generally, full-week bookings are prioritised.

At Christmas the changeover day is completely flexible (as Christmas/NY’s Day change) but the normal weekly rates apply. As always please call or email for prices on part-week bookings.

Minimum part-week rates (where available):

  • One bedroom apartments, Flats 1,2,4,9,10: min £175 per booking for 3 nts
  • Two bedroom apartments, Flats 3,5,6,7,11: min £215 per booking for 3 nts
  • Three bedroom apartments, Flat 12: min £235 per booking for 3 nts

Click the Column Headings to view photos and descriptions of each property

Red = whole week is booked. Yellow = part of week is booked

Calendar booking key
 Flat 1 TrevthnFlat 2 TrevthnFlat 8 TrevthnFlat 9 TrevthnFlat. 11 Trevthn
21-Apr to 28-Apr£330£305£305£275£355
28-Apr to 05-May£330£305£305£275£355
05-May to 12-May£330£305£305£275£355
12-May to 19-May£330£305£305£275£355
19-May to 26-May£330£305£305£275£355
26-May to 02-Jun£470£435£435£395£490
02-Jun to 09-Jun£470£435£435£395£490
09-Jun to 16-Jun£470£435£435£395£490
16-Jun to 23-Jun£470£435£435£395£490
23-Jun to 30-Jun£510£460£460£415£535
30-Jun to 07-Jul£510£460£460£415£535
07-Jul to 14-Jul£585£535£535£480£630
14-Jul to 21-Jul£585£535£535£480£630
21-Jul to 28-Jul£690£620£620£550£760
28-Jul to 04-Aug£690£620£620£550£760
04-Aug to 11-Aug£690£620£620£550£760
11-Aug to 18-Aug£690£620£620£550£760
18-Aug to 25-Aug£690£620£620£550£760
25-Aug to 01-Sep£690£620£620£550£760
01-Sep to 08-Sep£565£510£510£455£600
 Flat 1 TrevthnFlat 2 TrevthnFlat 8 TrevthnFlat 9 TrevthnFlat. 11 Trevthn
08-Sep to 15-Sep£470£435£435£395£495
15-Sep to 22-Sep£420£385£385£330£435
22-Sep to 29-Sep£360£320£320£285£395
29-Sep to 06-Oct£335£305£305£275£350
06-Oct to 13-Oct£335£305£305£275£350
13-Oct to 20-Oct£335£305£305£275£350
20-Oct to 27-Oct£335£305£305£275£350
27-Oct to 03-Nov£280£270£270£250£310
03-Nov to 10-Nov£280£270£270£250£310
10-Nov to 17-Nov£280£270£270£250£310
17-Nov to 24-Nov£280£270£270£250£310
24-Nov to 01-Dec£280£270£270£250£310
01-Dec to 08-Dec£280£270£270£250£310
08-Dec to 15-Dec£280£270£270£250£310
15-Dec to 22-Dec£340£320£320£290£370
22-Dec to 29-Dec£395£365£365£325£430
29-Dec to 05-Jan£395£365£365£325£430
05-Jan to 12-Jan£290£280£280£260£320
12-Jan to 19-Jan£290£280£280£260£320
19-Jan to 26-Jan£290£280£280£260£320
 Flat 1 TrevthnFlat 2 TrevthnFlat 8 TrevthnFlat 9 TrevthnFlat. 11 Trevthn
26-Jan to 02-Feb£290£280£280£260£320
02-Feb to 09-Feb£290£280£280£260£320
09-Feb to 16-Feb£290£280£280£260£320
16-Feb to 23-Feb£290£280£280£260£320
23-Feb to 02-Mar£290£280£280£260£320
02-Mar to 09-Mar£290£280£280£260£320
09-Mar to 16-Mar£290£280£280£260£320
16-Mar to 23-Mar£290£280£280£260£320
23-Mar to 30-Mar£345£320£320£290£370
30-Mar to 06-Apr£345£320£320£290£370
06-Apr to 13-Apr£345£320£320£290£370
13-Apr to 20-Apr£345£320£320£290£370
20-Apr to 27-Apr£345£320£320£290£370
27-Apr to 04-May£345£320£320£290£370
04-May to 11-May£345£320£320£290£370
11-May to 18-May£345£320£320£290£370
18-May to 25-May£345£320£320£290£370
25-May to 01-Jun£485£450£450£415£510
01-Jun to 08-Jun£485£450£450£415£510
08-Jun to 15-Jun£485£450£450£415£510
 Flat 1 TrevthnFlat 2 TrevthnFlat 8 TrevthnFlat 9 TrevthnFlat. 11 Trevthn
15-Jun to 22-Jun£485£450£450£415£510
22-Jun to 29-Jun£530£480£480£435£560
29-Jun to 06-Jul£530£480£480£435£560
06-Jul to 13-Jul£605£555£555£500£655
13-Jul to 20-Jul£605£555£555£500£655
20-Jul to 27-Jul£715£645£645£575£790
27-Jul to 03-Aug£715£645£645£575£790
03-Aug to 10-Aug£715£645£645£575£790
10-Aug to 17-Aug£715£645£645£575£790
17-Aug to 24-Aug£715£645£645£575£790
24-Aug to 31-Aug£715£645£645£575£790
31-Aug to 07-Sep£580£530£530£475£625
07-Sep to 14-Sep£485£450£450£415£515
14-Sep to 21-Sep£435£400£400£355£450
21-Sep to 28-Sep£375£335£335£300£410
28-Sep to 05-Oct£345£315£315£290£365
05-Oct to 12-Oct£345£315£315£290£365
12-Oct to 19-Oct£345£315£315£290£365
19-Oct to 26-Oct£345£315£315£290£365
26-Oct to 02-Nov£345£315£315£290£365
 Flat 1 TrevthnFlat 2 TrevthnFlat 8 TrevthnFlat 9 TrevthnFlat. 11 Trevthn
02-Nov to 09-Nov£290£280£280£260£325
09-Nov to 16-Nov£290£280£280£260£325
16-Nov to 23-Nov£290£280£280£260£325
23-Nov to 30-Nov£290£280£280£260£325
30-Nov to 07-Dec£290£280£280£260£325
07-Dec to 14-Dec£290£280£280£260£325
14-Dec to 21-Dec£350£330£330£300£385
21-Dec to 28-Dec£410£380£380£340£445
28-Dec to 04-Jan£410£380£380£340£445
04-Jan to 11-Jan£300£290£290£270£335